State Deputy Christmas Message

Christmas Greetings from State Deputy

Brother Knights,

Christmas is fast approaching, and the birth of Jesus fills the air with hope, smiles, laughter, and peace. Each of us is called to make the world a better place by caring, giving, reaching out and helping one another through difficult times. Ask yourself Am I ready to greet Jesus Christmas Morning? We all must dig deep into our souls and find Christmas this season.

Christmas is the time for giving, not just giving material things or monetary donations to make one feel good. Christmas is caring; caring about one another, helping a stranger, giving hope to less fortunate people, visiting the lonely, and making a difference in community living. Christmas can bring joy to someone who is broken, can restore someone’s soul, can lift one and put faith back in humanity. Giving is not only for the recipient, but the gift is also for you the giver. The eyes, a window to the soul can move a person beyond words. We are all a gift to be unwrapped every day to expose our souls to others to strengthen our lives here on earth as we must continually be of service to one another.

The most important gift of all can’t be bought, the gift one receives from the Nativity. The warmth, the love, the caring that Jesus brought to the world on Christmas night. Imagine the turmoil Mary and Joseph had that cold starry night. Many of us have forgotten the blessings we receive daily, caught up in our busy lives, too busy to reflect, prayer is for someone else or we just could be bothered.

If nothing else I ask you this Christmas, pray for our community, pray for mental health, pray for physical health, pray for thy neighbour, pray for those alone for their first Christmas, and please pray for the clergy of our churches – they need our prayers as much as we need them. The power of prayer is unimaginable.

On behalf of my wife Judi, and the State Officers of the Knights of Columbus, I wish you the very best. The best for a Blessed Christmas, and all the hope the New Year brings health and happiness always.

May you find Jesus this Christmas, God bless you.

Larry Packet, State Deputy, Knights of Columbus Saskatchewan

State Board
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