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Charity Appeal Chairman’s Message

Brother Knights


I have received tickets from 34 councils as of 5:00 PM on October 15. A total of 4,353 books have been returned of which 922 were unsold. By now all tickets should have been returned to your council Charity Appeal Chairman for processing. Processing includes completion of the Tally Report. Book numbers for any missing books must be recorded. Also please indicate to what charities your rebate will be going. SLGA does not allow us to donate money from our rebate to Sask Pro-Life or High School Grad parties.

Once all tickets have been accounted for – please – please remove the backing and the top page which included the 2019 winners and the chairman’s distribution record. Package up the tickets and forward it to Richard Colbow Box 1751 Unity Sask. S0K 4L0. Canada Post has been very prompt in delivering tickets and in a lot of cases I get the tickets one day after you mail them. If shipping by courier my street address is 156 5th Ave East Unity S0K 4L0. The deadline for delivery to me is October 25.

Some council take their tickets to a State Board Member who will bring them to the Friday evening ticket separating process. If you decide to do this you must get permission from the State Board member and you must send me a copy of your Tally Report. I would prefer to have all the tickets sent to me but I understand that councils can save postage if a State Board member is the courier. Just remember that I need to verify your tickets before they can be separated.

Richard Colbow

State Charity Appeal Chairman
Richard Colbow

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