Exemplification Council 1517

Ceremonials Report


 Greetings Exemplification of Charity-Unity-Fraternity (E of CUF) Teams & all in Saskatchewan!

As the fraternal year has drawn to a close, the following is a brief outline of some of the Ceremonial work which has taken place.

In my State convention report I noted that, in total, there were 12 (1 via video, 11 in-person) Exemplifications of Charity-Unity-Fraternity (E of CUF) held. I do point out that there may well be additional Degrees being held, however, we have not been made aware of or received a summary report to that effect.

Since the beginning of April/23, there have been 6 E’s of CUF (again, that I’m aware of). District # 16 is hosting (host Council # 10856) a Combined Degree on Jun 25th.

Some Districts have put together a Team(s), primarily in Saskatoon & Regina, to handle their Degrees. Each Council though, could put a Team together for their local purposes. Memorizing the script by the presenters is not a requirement.

As we meet at this Organization meeting less than one week remains in this Columbian year. Let’s not miss the chance to hold a Degree in your District/Council during July & August. This would be a great way to stay in contact with your fellow Council members.

Planning (I hope) an E of CUF –

  1. Contact your Priest (he should be your first contact) to see when he might be available to attend. Utilizing the Church following a Mass is the ideal location to hold the Degree. Remember, family, friends, the congregation are welcome to observe the Degree with candidates who are receiving the lessons.
  2. Submit the Notice of Intention to Host form (https://kofcsask.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/SK-01-Notice-of-intention-to-host.pdf) when a satisfactory date has been determined
  3. Ready your Team to conduct the Combined Degree – review the script & prepare! Roles do not have to be presented by memory, however being familiar with each part will enable the presenter to communicate the lessons with more emphasis & be more impactful
  4. Following the 35 minutes, or so Degree, some social time to mingle with candidates & family is desirable
  5. Provide a Degree report

 All the information including procedures, script, Combined Degree video (if using) & forms are available on the State website (Ceremonials – Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus (kofcsask.com)

You can do this! Participating on the Team is very rewarding, so give it a try.

 Any questions or having trouble getting started, please do not hesitate to contact me @ prponak@sasktel.net; 306.790.9317 or 306.550.5035

 Have a great summer!!

 Vivat Jesus,


Paul & Rose

Paul Ponak

Paul Ponak, SCC
306.790.9317 or 306.550.5035

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