Ashbeel’s 18 Arrested for Blasphemy Case


During my mission work to Pakistan,  I met Babar whose son Ashbeel was arrested under 295A blasphemy laws early this year.

The family had asked CAPC for help in this depressing and terrible situation. 

The day when Ashbeel was bailed out, it was very risky. The defenders of Blasphemy were gathered in front of Ashbeel’s house and Ashbeel’s father was informed by the neighbors not to come to their house. I drove Ashbeel to his Aunt’s house at night and I had fellowship with the family.

Ashbeel and his family were terrified of the situation. Ashbeel was very scared to present himself in court on Saturday, April 27. On April 26, Friday night I visited the family and they requested me to go with them for the court hearing. I along with Ms. Aslam accompanied the father and son (Ashbeel), there I saw a group of Tareek-i-Labback the defenders of blasphemy laws, (outside the Court).    

I met a fewer of good Muslims who will help us to reach out to the Islamic extremists in the city. Even some of the local city Peace Committee members are ready to help me to have a dialogue with the far-right Islamist party leader, although it’s very risky I raise a request to organize seminars and youth activities to reduce the intolerance among religions.

I request your donations of Humanitarian Aid & Legal Counsel for the Ashbeel family and to sponsor a project on Interfaith, Harmony and Social Justice in Attock City.   Read attached story

Rich Blessings,

Nadeem Bhatti
Canadian Aid to Persecuted Christians


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I do have concerns about publicizing not only the names but also other details of these cases online. Publicity is such a two-edged sword: valuable for raising awareness of the need, raising funds to help, etc., but potentially dangerous to the very victims we want to help. So very personal information about Ashbeel is removed from the article for safety concerns.

Vivat Jesus 
Nadeem Bhatti 
Christin Persecution Relief
Knights of Columbus Saskatchewan

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