Arzoo’s Abduction, Rape, Abduction, Forced Conversion, Forced Marriage

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Karachi Pakistan: Here at Canadian Aid to Persecuted Christians, we are continuing to hear of more cases of abduction and rape, as well as the forced conversion and marriages of underage minority girls in Pakistan. The Arzoo Raja’s case continues to drag on.  The court initially dealt with the case as a clear violation of the Sindh Child Marriages Restraint Act of 2013, and Arzoo was sent to the Shelter House for the usual time of two weeks. However, there have been delaying tactics and outright brainwashing on the part of the manager of the Shelter House, which has stretched this into over 55 weeks now.  This has caused immeasurable suffering to Arzoo and the entire family.  Since October 2020  the parents have been advised not to leave the house for work or unnecessary reasons, due to security threats to their lives and wellbeing.  

Arzoo herself is called derogatory names and told she will be killed as an “honour killing” by her father and/or brother. She is also told she will go to hell if she converts back to Christianity, and to avoid this fate she must remain a Muslim for life.  Meanwhile, her education is being neglected, and her family also fears for her mental health. This girl has submitted her desire to go back and live with her family in writing to the court, and after a missed appointment to appear at court, (the court was told that she was sick, which was not true), she is again awaiting a court hearing.

We are asking you to please pray that the obstacles continually placed in the way of her release, would be removed and that she will be freed to return to her family.  They need to be able to begin the long process of returning to some kind of normalcy in their lives and family.

Please also pray for the protection of all involved in this case. The opposition has wealth, position and power, and will not give Arzoo up willingly.

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Canadian Aid to Persecuted Christians
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