April 2019 State Deputy’s Message

Dear Brother Knights of Saskatchewan,

Easter will soon be celebrated and hopefully all Sask. Knights will be renewed with new enthusiasm and new hope to conduct our lives as new people in pursuit of the Christian ideal.

Easter represents the fulfillment of our faith as Catholic Knights because we believe that through death, Jesus has saved us from sin and through his resurrection has given us the promise of new life.

On April 26-28, we will gather at the Knights of Columbus State Convention in Moose Jaw. The theme of the Convention this year is “United in Faith and Action”

The celebration of Easter and our Convention theme have a good connection.  Before the Feast of Passover, Jesus washed the feet of the disciples. He was a servant to them and after he had finished he said to his disciples and to us, “I have given you a model to follow so that as I have done for you, you should also do.” As Knights, we too are asked to become missionary disciples who are “United in Faith and Action” and are called to serve others in our families, our parishes and our councils. All of these acts of service which we do as knights touch the lives of others as well as inspire us to missionary discipleship and a closer relationship with God. To be a disciple literally means to be a learner and a listener, to follow Jesus, and to do what Jesus taught us to do—to live a life of service and a loving relationship with God, our families, our parishes and our Knights of Columbus Councils.

Supreme, state, and local councils have many excellent programs in which all knights can find an area of interest in which to serve as a missionary disciple.

Also, our councils and districts need knights who are willing to fill the leadership positions that are needed in our order. I will be contacting many knights in the next couple of months to ask you if you would serve in a leadership role as a district deputy or a state program director.  I encourage you to consider the call to continue to serve your brothers. You will find that serving others can be one of the most fulfilling and satisfying tasks you can do. Today, our councils and communities need more knights who undertake the will to want to serve, the courage to understand the importance of serving others, the perseverance to continue to serve even though it is easier not to, and the strength to be leaders and missionary disciples who are “United in Faith and Action”.

Being a knight today provides us a great opportunity to serve others and to follow the example and gift given to us by Jesus.

I thank all of you for your service and commitment to our Order and look forward to working with you to finish our year STRONG in programming, and in membership recruitment and retention.

It is through our efforts in our Knights of Columbus councils and through the commitment to our Faith “United in Faith and Action” that we will continue to do great things for the benefit of our church and our order.

April 2019 State Deputy's Message 1
Chris Bencharski

My wife Pat and I look forward to the state convention in Moose Jaw and look forward to renewing our friendships with the many great knights serving in all districts in the province.

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