Agency Report – April 2019

Recruit With Your Agent. Here’s 5 Reasons Why.

  1. Agents love talking about the Knights of Columbus.
    “As agents, we are generally talking about the Knights of Columbus two to three times a day, if not more. This gives us an advantage when welcoming men to join the Knights.”
  2. Agents have connections with other agents — and can connect local councils.
    “The field agents in our agency team up and help each other at their respective councils.”
  3. Agents love to attend council-sponsored parish events to recruit men to join.
    “Think about your fish fry and other events you put on at the parish. Invite your field agent to mingle and ask men to join. Put him in roles to interact with prospective members.”
  4. Agents can help you promote your council — even when they aren’t around.
    “Agents can help councils place the “” on banners, newsletters, bulletins, emails, and promotional items. All councils should have a banner up at the school gym or parish hall to promote membership. This way, we are welcoming future Knights even when we are not there.”
  5. Agents help your councils look to the future.
    “We must move into the future with online membership. This tool helps us recruit 365 days a year with ease. Leveraging this technology will lead us to unprecedented growth if we all use it.”

“This past Sunday, I was talking to a friend after Mass and I asked him if he was a Knight. He said ‘No, I don’t have time for that right now.’ I simply responded, ‘This is an opportunity to belong to the largest Catholic organization that does so much for our Church, not an obligation.’ I texted him the link to and he joined right then. It took five minutes. He plans to attend his First Degree soon and will likely get involved with helping out the council.”

“Joining online is the new first step in a man’s journey with the Knights of Columbus. Imagine if we had 100,000 Knights share with just 10 men a year, just 10. That would be 1,000,000 men asked to join. If only 10 percent actually joined, that is more than 100,000 new members. Think of all the good we could do in the world with an additional 100,000 members! The sky is the limit and the future of the Knights of Columbus is very bright in my opinion.”
— Chris Stark, General Agent, Fort Worth Texas

Mark Lewans

Vivat Jesus! 
Mark Lewans

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