60th Anniversary Banquet – Msgr Gaire Council #4850, Redvers, SK.

The event was a total success with the attendance of Honoured Guests from Knights of Columbus State Officers and their Ladies! 

In attendance were WSD Chris & Lady Pat Bencharski, WSS Joe Riffel, WSA Rene & Lady Suzanne Gaudet, WSW Marte & Lady Lorelie Clement-Nogot and WSW – elect Greg & Lady Tammy Dozorec, all of whom travelled great distances to attend our celebration. Also our DD District #9 Ron & Lady Josie Klein and GK Aime & Lady Marilyn Isabey from Weyburn. Our council feels very hounoured to have had all these special guests in attendance! Sincere thank you from all of us members of Council #4850 Redvers.

The celebration commenced with Mass at 5:00 p.m. with our Fr. Wilfred Calinawan presiding. The banquet immediately followed in our church basement with approximately 90 guests in attendance. Among the attendees were several Charter Members from our formation as a council in 1959.

WSD Chris Bencharski honoured our council with a special Commemorative Certificate which was gratefully accepted by GK Todd Garnier. WSD Chris also gave a splendid talk on behalf of State, an excellent presentation, thank you.

DD Ron Klein also gave a special congratulatory message. PGK Raymond Lamotte did an excellent job of providing the history of our council’s formation and the backgrounds of the Charter Members, much appreciated by the Honourable surviving Members present as well as all of us.

The hosting Master of Ceremonies was our very own eloquent WS Marc Wolensky. Bro Marc kept the evening flowing and entertained us with some quips and humour. Thanks, Marc, great job!

The event was catered by PGK Paul & Lady Annette LeNouail and it was, once again, a most delicious meal. Our GK Todd Garnier and council members attended to the refreshments bar.

Initially, this event was to coincide with State Golf Tournament, which unfortunately had to be cancelled due to lack of interest from across the province, nonetheless, the Good Lord was looking after us again since it rained heartily on Friday and Saturday! 

The final topper of the weekend was when WSW Marte Nogot and WSA Rene Gaudet attended our Sunday Mass and made a recruitment presentation which garnered possibly 3 or 4 new members which should qualify us for a Star Council Award as well as count toward the Provincial count to hopefully pull ahead of Hawaii for 1st Place?? Thank you Brothers Marte & Rene.

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